New boy on Love Island Fans give Sam a new, humorous moniker.


New boy on Love Island Fans give Sam a new, humorous moniker.

Fans have dubbed one of the newest arrivals, Sam, Brad 2.0, after noticing similarities between him and a prior islander.

After a lads vacation in Casa Amor, where they underwent the “final test” of meeting the new girls, the original boys return to the main villa.

In retaliation for receiving a postcard with a picture of her current lover Teddy kissing one of the new girls in Casa Amor, Faye has been getting to know Sam.

Faye Winter of Love Island has moved on to new boy Sam Jackson.

She hooked up with Brad at the start of the program, but their relationship rapidly burned out when they realized they didn’t have anything in common.

We still don’t know if Teddy will return to the villa alone or with a new girl, and whether Faye would choose to stay with Teddy or marry Sam in a cliffhanger conclusion.

Some fans believe they will pass the Casa Amor test, with one stating, “I swear to God, if Faye couples up with Brad 2.0, I will lose my s**t.”

“Just know faye and Teddy will get back together,” one person remarked, “but he doesn’t deserve the emotional agony he’ll feel when he walks into the villa alone and sees faye standing there with brad 2.0.”


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