Never-before-seen photographs of Liverpool in the 1980s.


Never-before-seen photographs of Liverpool in the 1980s.

Incredible images of Liverpool have surfaced, revealing a unique snapshot of life in the city in the 1980s that have never been published before.

Chris Richards, 59, was a graphic design student at Liverpool Polytechnic from 1980 to 1983 and took the photos.

Chris, who now lives in Nottingham, took the images when he was an 18-year-old student for art projects and to learn more about photography.

After publishing a couple of the photographs on a Facebook group, his posts proved to be extremely popular, and he agreed to let The Washington Newsday publish more from his unique collection.

The images, which were taken with a black-and-white film camera, depict the neighborhoods surrounding Catharine Street, where Chris had his flat, as well as nostalgic glances of how the city’s streets used to appear.

He also recorded the individuals working and shopping in St John’s market around the time of the 1981 Christmas season.

Chris told The Washington Newsday that his time as a student in the city was “the best two years of my life.”

Chris stated, ” “When we were invited to go out and take photos as part of our art projects, I was just testing out my camera.

“It’s one of my regrets that I didn’t take more at this point.”

In 1983, Chris returned to Nottingham to pursue a successful graphic design career. He claimed that some of the people in the images are still friends with him now.

When asked what he liked best about his time in the city, Chris replied, “The people, I simply adore them. Even in difficult times, they have a positive attitude.

View photos of a never-before-seen image of Liverpool life in the 1980s

“You can strike up a conversation with anyone on the street.”

He said, ” “Liverpool was still very much a decrepit place when I was there in the 1980s. However, photographing it was always fun.”


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