Nether NFT, a cryptocurrency startup, has successfully tokenized human personality on the blockchain.


Nether NFT, a cryptocurrency startup, has successfully tokenized human personality on the blockchain.

There is no scarcity of new crypto assets and tokens in today’s society. Every day, a new token is generated, and its value skyrockets due to the enthusiasm it produces. People invest their hard-earned money in it out of fear of missing out, hoping to make a profit. However, as soon as the buzz dies, the asset, no matter how useful it may be, dies, and with it, all the people who invested in it lose their possibility of profit, or even a return on their initial investment.

Another notable example is the recent instance of Dogecoin. Despite being conceived as a joke, a single tweet from Elon Musk was enough to send the currency soaring through the skies, spanning many other vital initiatives.

If any of these events indicate anything, it’s that the initiatives’ true utility or fundamentals are no longer important. Rumors and news, on the other hand, drive the market. These tales, no matter how false, are spread by people who are very real. People who are frequently influential and utilize their personality to persuade others to buy or sell an asset.

So, if the principles of a project are no longer important, what is genuinely important? The solution is straightforward! All assets, regardless of market, are impacted by an ultimate force known as human personality. No other asset has the power and utility that the human personality has.

We are establishing the groundwork with Nether NFT to transform the most powerful force on the earth, human personality, into an asset that can be traded publicly utilizing non-fungible tokens (NFT) techniques. Nether NFT is the world’s first and largest blockchain-based marketplace, allowing celebrities, influencers, and other well-known people to create NFTs based on their personalities, peg tokens to those NFTs, and then sell them to their fans and followers.

The concept Nether is bringing is not unfamiliar at all; rather, the power of human personality is demonstrated every day on social networking platforms. To earn a few thousand likes and comments, people will go to any length. While these likes and comments can be readily manipulated and even purchased, the attention they generate is quite real. Nether NFT is setting the groundwork for a society where metrics such as comments are valued. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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