Naughty Boy’s ‘confrontation’ with the main camp on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity perplexes fans.


Naughty Boy’s ‘confrontation’ with the main camp on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity perplexes fans.

A “confrontation” on tonight’s episode of I’m A Celeb… left many perplexed.

On Wednesday’s episode of the popular ITV show, the two celebrity teams reunited in the main camp.

In dramatic events that aired during yesterday’s episode, Naughty Boy and Arlene Phillips threatened to leave the show.

The celebs were enraged at having to stay in The Clink, with the DJ railing against the celebrities in main camp for not caring about others in more difficult circumstances.

Ant and Dec reaffirmed their intention to stay at the end of Tuesday’s program in order to confront their campmates.

The show’s audience, on the other hand, were unimpressed by the reunion in tonight’s episode.

As all 10 celebrities reached the main camp at the same time, the two groups leapt up and down with pleasure and hugged each other in joy.

After reconnecting with the other participants, both Naughty Boy and Arlene softened their positions.

“I was really frightened stepping inside the main camp,” Arlene told the Telegraph, “and what I found inside was a community of people so warm that I felt pretty tearful.”

“Thank god for a fresh day,” Naughty Boy said. “The last few days, well, they were terrible, but god is nice, but to come here and become a genuine family, let’s go.”

Fans were quick to criticize the underwhelming reunion on Twitter.

Sofia commented, “That was a letdown.” At the very least, I was anticipating a conflict. “Perhaps it will arrive later.” “What confrontation??,” questioned another user. I was really hoping for some major drama.” “Where was the clash we were all expecting for then?” Tia inquired. “Feel like we’ve been robbed of the drama,” Danielle wrote. “Where’s the brawl, wicked boy?” says the naughty boy.


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