National Immigrants Day 2021: Migrants’ History And Quotes


National Immigrants Day 2021: Migrants’ History And Quotes

On Oct. 28, National Immigrants Day honors the migrant community whose contributions to the nation’s culture and economy set the path for further development.

The United States is proud to be a melting pot of cultures, customs, and traditions, with immigrants hailing from at least 195 sovereign states.

The United States separates itself from other countries in the globe by welcoming immigrants from all over the world and allowing them to integrate into the culture and participate actively in nation-building. One of the nation’s distinguishing qualities is that it protects the rights of those moving to the land through federal legislation, making it easier for them to live, learn, work, start businesses, and chase the American dream.

The origins of National Immigrants Day may be traced back to immigrants who flocked to the United States with the goal of gaining citizenship and adhering to the same constitution. Citizenship in the United States can be obtained either by birth or by choice, making it a land of freedom and opportunity.

National Immigrants Day has a lengthy history, dating back to 1890, when European citizens began abandoning their homeland in record numbers in order to avoid puritan religious rules and poor economic conditions. In response to the enormous surge of immigrants burdening individual states, the 42 states that made up the United States of America intervened to control the flow of immigration. Ellis Island, in New York, became America’s first federal immigration center at that time.

On the 101st anniversary of the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty, Ronald Reagan, the then-American president, declared National Immigrants Day in 1987, asking Americans to commemorate the day with suitable programs, ceremonies, and events.

The following are some quotations regarding immigration that demonstrate how the country has benefited from the influx of immigrants. (Photo credit:


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