Mystery about “wave of UFOs” that wake people from their beds.


The unidentified objects, sometimes referred to as “green flying saucers”, have long been a mystery.

More than four decades ago, the Knowsley district and parts of Liverpool are said to have been hit by a wave of UFOs.

Will we ever know the truth?

Convinced that it was a UFO, he said: “It was there for only a few seconds, then it flew into the clouds and headed southeast, towards Huyton and Halewood.

The man told Echo how he was at his friend’s house when they saw a strange green object hovering in the sky in the early morning hours.

In September, a man was “confused” when he saw a strange object in the early hours of the morning in Prescot.

According to one author, “Knowsley is certainly not unfamiliar with this confusing phenomenon, however”.

In 1967, Knowsley and parts of Liverpool were hit by a wave of UFOs, and the first major – flap (UFO jargon for an unusually high concentration of sightings in a given area within a short period of time) took place in Huyton in August.

At 3 a.m. on an August morning in 1967, a nine-year-old child named Andrea was awakened from her sleep by a strange humming sound.

Andrea went and woke her mother, and the girl’s mother noticed that the noise was coming from outside.

She pulled back the curtains and saw a bright green object floating on the roof. Andrea’s mother later described the UFO in a newspaper article as a humming roof.

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That same morning at three o’clock a 50-year-old man in a house in Essex Road in Huyton got up to go to the toilet when he happened to look out the window.

The strange ship flew into the night at such a speed that the Huyton woman could not follow him with her eyes.


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