Murder victims have been buried in the wrong graves due to a funeral home error.


Murder victims have been buried in the wrong graves due to a funeral home error.

A funeral home mix-up, according to a family in Southbridge, Massachusetts, led in two teenage males being buried in the wrong cemetery plots more than a year after they were both slain.

On July 19, last year, Dante Carlor, 16, and his best buddy, K’Shaun Webster, 17, were both fatally murdered in Dorchester, Boston. His mother, Jamilla Carlor, informed WBZ Channel 4 that the former was buried a month before his 17th birthday.

According to the outlet, the family of both teenagers chose George Lopes Funeral Home for the wakes and agreed for the two boys to be buried side by side at Hope Cemetery in Worcester, Massachusetts, to keep them together.

Jamilla, on the other hand, observed that images of visitors to her son’s grave actually showed them standing on Webster’s. Dante’s sister, Jaliah, was perplexed and decided to double-check the paperwork.

“I realized it had the erroneous number because I was going to the cemetery every day at the time,” Jaliah told the news organization. “I had a feeling something wasn’t right.”

Dante was discovered buried in Webster’s plot, while Webster was buried in Dante’s, according to the report.

“With the deaths of K’Shaun Webster and Dante Carlor last year, the families of those two young men experienced terrible losses. Their grief was exacerbated by the George Lopes Funeral Home’s odd positioning of the two deceased’ caskets in the wrong plots at Hope Cemetery, according to a statement from the city of Worcester.

“As soon as the City of Worcester learned of the problem, we contacted the funeral home many times to confirm. The funeral house did not react to the city, according to the statement.

Jamilla was taken to the hospital where Webster was getting emergency surgery, and the 17-year-old teen’s family was transported to the hospital where Dante subsequently died due to a similar mix-up.

The confusion was caused by the funeral parlor delivering the caskets to the wrong sites, according to Hope Cemetery, which is controlled by the city of Worcester.

According to WBZ, the cemetery informed both families that one of the boys would have to be unearthed in order to determine who was buried where. When the families couldn’t come to an agreement, the cemetery decided to exhume Dante at random.

Even after the cemetery acknowledged the error, the teens’ family claimed that nothing had been done. Additionally,. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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