Mum was awoken at 12 a.m. to identify her son’s body at the hospital.


Mum was awoken at 12 a.m. to identify her son’s body at the hospital.

The mother of a young guy murdered by a speeding car says she would do everything to be in her son’s shoes.

Phillip Caine, 23, was regarded as “one in a million” after his terrible death as a tremendously loved Everton fan.

Mr Caine’s Ford Fiesta was hit at 100 mph by drug dealer Jack Pearson, who claimed to have “stolen” an Audi S3 Quatto.

In the terrifying incident on Queens Drive in Walton at 10 p.m., the victim had no chance of avoiding the oncoming Audi.

Pearson, 28, of West Derby’s East Prescot Road, claimed he was driving at 40mph and even blamed Mr Caine for the accident.

He was sentenced to six years in prison today at Liverpool Crown Court after pleading guilty to causing death by dangerous driving.

Mr Caine’s family members, including his distraught mother, Angela Daly, had to give statements first.

When Ms Daly received a phone call from the police at 11:55 p.m. on Friday, January 25, 2019, she said she was “awakened by every parent’s worst fear.”

“The words ‘Phillip has been involved in a vehicle accident and we believe he is dead’ will never be removed from my memory,” she added.

“At first, you refuse to trust what you’re hearing and believe you’ve made a grave error. My Phil was a cautious driver who always buckled up and drove under the speed limit. He was driving from Kirkby to Walton on a regular basis.

“The next thing I knew, the cops were at my door, driving me to Fazakerley Hospital to identify my son’s body.”

“The drive to the hospital seemed to last an eternity, with each passing second accompanied by a prayer that this was all a misunderstanding and that my Phil was safe and sound.

“The next time I saw my kid, he was dead and lying in a hospital bed.” I was still sceptical about what I was witnessing. My Phil had a chilly bruised face, hands, and body, but there was no light in his eyes, no cheeky smile, and no warmth. The summary comes to a close.


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