Mum is barred from inviting visitors to her home, which is in the center of a ‘neighbourhood nuisance.’


Mum is barred from inviting visitors to her home, which is in the center of a ‘neighbourhood nuisance.’

Threats, yelling, and attacks have led to the temporary closure of a Merseyside property.

Wirral Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team, in collaboration with Merseyside Police, has served a Partial Closure Order on 27 Stringhey Road in Wallasey.

The residence had become a “hotspot for neighborhood annoyance,” according to the local government, with people visiting the address at all hours of the day and night.

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Starting on May 10, there were complaints about attacks, as well as foul language and people hammering on the door to be let in.

The tenant was then given a closure notice, but this did not change the situation.

Only the tenant and her family are allowed to stay at the residence, according to the order, which was issued by the city council on July 8.

It is in effect for three months, until October 21, and it currently prevents anyone except the renter, her two children, her sister, her parents, or anyone with authorization from the Anti-Social Behaviour Team from entering the residence or yard areas.

Anyone found in the property without permission might be arrested and sentenced to up to six months in prison or a fine of up to £5,000, or both.

“Cases like these show how important it is for statutory partners to support residents who are victims of anti-social behaviour and use the full powers available to us to act against people who make life a misery for their neighbors,” said Mark Camborne, Wirral Council’s assistant director for neighbourhood safety and transport.

“It is also critical that individuals report issues to us so that we can respond.”

An online form can be used to report antisocial behavior.

Monday through Friday, between 8.45 a.m. and 5.00 p.m., contact 0151 606 2020.

If you are a registered housing provider’s renter, please contact them directly.


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