Mum inadvertently terrorizes neighbors while driving around attempting to lull kid to sleep


Mum inadvertently terrorizes neighbors while driving around attempting to lull kid to sleep

After continuously circling the neighborhood in an attempt to put her 2-month-old baby to sleep, a mother from New Zealand plunged her neighbourhood into a frenzy of worry.

Karina, 29, was left red-faced as her neighborhood’s Facebook group was inundated with curious comments about the identity of the’mysterious’ motorist.

The mother shared the encounter on TikTok.

Karina uploaded many screengrabs from the Facebook group’s comments in the video captioned, ‘When you are trying to get your kid to sleep and your local community group is scared you are scouting out the location’.

One resident raised the’red flag’ in the neighborhood group, stating, “this car has circled Capper Crescent seven times in the last ten minutes.”

“Should I contact the police?” she inquired.

While another householder pleaded with neighbors to step outside and record the registration plate, “Yes, please.” Yesterday, this automobile did the same thing. Perhaps visit your letterbox and take a good look at them, noting the plate number.”

“You could take your phone and demonstrate to the people driving by that you are recording them,” another resident advised.

The horrified mother soon rushed to Facebook to assuage their fears. “I am sorry!” she exclaimed. No, it is I. My two-month-old fell asleep in the car”, confirming the street on where she resided.

People rushed to TikTok to recount previous instances when their neighbors got it horribly wrong. “This reminds me of a community post asking if anyone else heard any aggressive yelling and was concerned about a DV, but it turned out to be football,” one person commented.

While another expressed sympathy for the 29-year-old, saying, “Hahahaha! My companion runs laps around the supermarket parking lot as I dash in and get items; he attracts a lot of attention haha!”

This time, it was a false alarm.


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