Mum expresses her gratitude to the ‘Godsend.’ A M62 truck driver saved his son from drowning.


Mum expresses her gratitude to the ‘Godsend.’ A M62 truck driver saved his son from drowning.

The mother of a man who planned to leap from a bridge over the M62 has lauded the hero lorry driver who saved her son’s life.

Last week, an anonymous truck driver was hailed as a hero after he came to a halt on the highway beneath the bridge after seeing a man sitting on the brink.

According to Yorkshire Live, he came to a halt exactly beneath the man, preventing him from jumping.

The man’s 56-year-old mother, who did not want to be identified, said she had seen her son earlier in the day and had no idea he was in such awful shape.

She didn’t realize it was her son until she saw the upsetting image circulating on Facebook.

“I kept staring at it and thinking, ‘I’m sure that’s my son,” she added.

“The photo was sent to me and distributed, and I knew it was him because of the way he was sitting and the things he was wearing.”

“I’d seen him earlier in the day, and he appeared to be his usual self. I didn’t see him for very long because he came and went, but I did have a brief conversation with him.

“When I think back, all I can think is, ‘oh my God, it could’ve been the last time I saw him.’

“Before he left, he turned around and said, ‘See you mum, I love you,’ and I replied, ‘See you mum, I love you,’ but that could have been the last time.”

The photo of the trucker, which was shared by Vulnerable Citizen Support Leeds, has gone viral, with messages of gratitude pouring in for the lorry driver who came to a halt beneath the bridge.

Now, the man’s mother, who hails from Manchester, is determined to let the trucker know how grateful she is, and she believes the trucker saved her son by preventing him from killing himself.

“He saved his life,” she added. “Right now, my kid is having a lot of troubles.” He’s worried about a lot of things, and I can’t describe how grateful I am that the drivers stopped him from doing it. The summary comes to a close.


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