Mum bemoans the fact that she can’t hug her thug son, who cut his neighbor’s face.


Mum bemoans the fact that she can’t hug her thug son, who cut his neighbor’s face.

A nice neighbor had his face sliced open from ear to chin after attempting to defend a woman from her violent boyfriend.

Kevin Hudson, 48, tried to persuade Craig Savage by saying, “Come on lad, what are you doing?” and “You don’t punch girls.”

However, the 21-year-old inflicted an 11.5cm incision on his left face, requiring 35 stitches and leaving a lifelong scar.

Savage and his mother erupted in wrath today as he was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison at Liverpool Crown Court, with the thug shrieking “f***ing joke mate” and his mother whining that she couldn’t hug him.

On August 4, about 3.35 p.m., an event occurred in Spofforth Road, Wavertree.

Mr Hudson had just returned from doing some shopping for an ill neighbor, according to prosecutor Nardeen Nemat.

When he heard Savage and Demi Roberts arguing in Ms Roberts’ home, he called another neighbor, Michael Ollier.

Mr Hudson overheard Savage yell “you slag,” “I’ll knock you out in a minute,” and “f*** off black arse,” according to Ms Nemat.

Miss Roberts emerged and was greeted by her friend Destiny Bell, who inquired as to where she was going. “Away from him, he just tried to attack me with a knife, he’s dangerous,” she said.

“You fat ugly slag, who are you looking at?” Savage said as he entered the courtroom. I’m going to smack you in the face.”

Mr Hudson described Miss Roberts as “petrified” and advised her to contact the authorities, but she responded, “He’ll just come back and smash me.”

She informed Mr Hudson her partner had a knife and had threatened her and Miss Bell with it, according to the court.

“What are you chatting s*** for?” Savage asked. Before Mr Hudson rushed out from behind a gate to intercede, he slammed his head on his girlfriend’s face, causing her to take a step backwards.

Savage “squared up” to Mr Hudson, who pushed him away, according to Ms Nemat, before saying, “What are you going to do?”

The victim assumed he had been slapped or scratched when Savage smacked him in the face, according to the court.

Mr Ollier, on the other hand, told him to “get in.”

“The summary comes to an end.”


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