Mum assured me that the murky water pouring from her taps was’safe to drink.’


Mum assured me that the murky water pouring from her taps was’safe to drink.’

United Utilities told a mother that this glass of brown, murky water was “safe to drink.”

Erin Fearon, 31, was on her way to fetch a glass of water when she noticed the water from her kitchen faucets had gotten discolored.

The mother of one poured many additional glasses at her home in Egremont, Wallasey, having never seen anything like it before, only to get the same effect.

A new analysis reveals the scope of problems at the ailing Liverpool City Council.

According to The Washington Newsday, she said: “It was alright while I was doing the dishes this morning; I didn’t see any issues. But after that, it was literally glass after glass, so I called United Utilities right away.

“They said it was most likely due to roadwork disrupting the minerals in the pipes and water, and that I could drink it.

“‘It might be safe, but I’m not drinking that,’ I reasoned. They inquired if I had any children that used tap water in their bottles, and I told them no. My daughter is now three, but I will not allow her to drink it.” Erin claims she was advised to “leave the water flow” until it was clear, and that United Utilities would not investigate the problem unless it lasted for 24 hours or if more individuals complained about the same thing.

She stated, ” “It’s a little clearer now, but it still has a tint to it, so I’m going to the store to get some still water bottles.

“I’m a little concerned about the idea that they aren’t going to investigate right away.

“I posted about it on Facebook, and others stated they’d had similar problems and advised me not to drink it – not that I was considering it.”

United Utilities says in an online PDF booklet that “discolored water caused by mains sediments is unlikely to be hazardous to health.”

According to United Utilities’ website: “The color of the discoloration might range from a light straw-yellow to a dark brown. This can be induced by a variety of factors, such as “disturbance of settled deposits made up of naturally occurring metals and minerals in.” The summary comes to a conclusion.”


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