Mounted Border Agents Turning Back Haitian Migrants has sparked outrage.


Mounted Border Agents Turning Back Haitian Migrants has sparked outrage.

According to US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, authorities will look into accusations that Haitian migrants in Texas were abused by border patrol personnel on horseback.

The mounted officers, according to Mayorkas, were attempting to control the flow of hundreds of migrants crossing the Rio Grande River from Mexico near Del Rio, Texas.

Riders appeared to be swinging their long reins to frighten refugees and force them back toward the river, according to photos taken by AFP photographer Paul Ratje and video footage that swiftly swept over social media.

Many Haitians were crossing the river back and forth to acquire food for their family, according to Ratje, but were obstructed by the horses.

“Some of the migrants began fleeing to try to avoid the horses, and one of the agents grabbed the Haitian in the picture by the shirt and swung him around while the horse trotted in a circle,” Ratje stated of one photograph.

Ratje stated that he did not believe the man had been injured.

“They kind of calmed down, and they started letting people in,” he stated shortly after that.

Some individuals on social media stated the photographs reminded them of periods when African-Americans were beaten with whips by horse-mounted cops or jail guards.

Mayorkas told reporters, “We’re going to investigate the facts to make sure the situation is as we perceive it.”

“If there’s anything different, we’ll react accordingly.”

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary, confirmed that she had viewed the video.

She explained, “I don’t have the complete context,” and added, “I can’t understand what context would make that appropriate.”

She described it as “awful to see.”

The issue erupted as US border patrol officials battled an influx of thousands of unauthorized migrants, many of whom were from Haiti.

President Joe Biden’s government is facing a catastrophe as a result of the migrant influx.

Mayorkas, speaking in Del Rio, claimed that Haitian migrants were being given false information regarding their ability to remain in the United States.

He stated that the administration will increase repatriation flights for Haitians and that US authorities believed it was safe to return them.

Due to recent political uncertainty and a big earthquake in Haiti, Mayorkas claims that Haitians have been informed incorrectly that they will be permitted to stay in the United States as refugees under “temporary protected status” (TPS).

“We are quite concerned that Haitians who are attempting to cross the border illegally are being given false information that the border is open or that they are temporarily protected. Brief News from Washington Newsday.


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