Morrisons is testing a new store with no employees.


Morrisons is testing a new store with no employees.

Morrisons appears to be on track to become the first supermarket to open a store with no employees.

Amazon, which established a cashless store in London in March of this year, is following in the footsteps of the supermarket chain.

Customers will be asked to download an app to their smartphone, which will be scanned upon entry, according to new proposals. Customers will then select things from the shelves and place them in bags without having to scan anything at the cash register.

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Once the cameras have recognized the desired items, payment will be made through the app.

The concept was put to the test at the firm’s headquarters in Bradford.

The business is anticipated to open later this year if it receives approval.

Tesco has announced plans for a similar concept as well.

Following the outbreak, a study by ‘scan and go’ app firm Ubamarket revealed that more than 40% of Britons now desire a more contactless shopping experience.

“The analysis clearly reveals that the Coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally impacted both store and consumer behavior—particularly when it comes to acquiring their goods,” stated Ubermarket CEO Will Broome.

“The pandemic has prompted significant worries about hygiene and safety, as well as consumer confidence.

“Ultimately, if businesses are willing to embrace retail technology, we can make the weekly shop far safer and more sanitary for everyone in the UK.”


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