More than a quarter of new lockdown pet parents say that now that they have a dog, they don’t want children.


More than a quarter of new lockdown pet parents say that now that they have a dog, they don’t want children.

With morning cuddles on the menu and no talking back on the horizon, owning a dog has many of the benefits of owning a child, but with less drawbacks.

According to a new study conducted by TeamDogs, our sister site for dog lovers, more over a quarter of new lockdown pet owners no longer feel the desire for children now that they have a furry buddy in their lives.

A recent survey commissioned by Legal & General, a renowned financial services firm, looked at how the pandemic has changed UK family plans, as well as how dog ownership is changing the face of society – and the results are unexpected.

The poll, conducted by Censuswide, included 1,001 persons who were planned to create a family or add to an existing one in 2021 prior to the epidemic.

According to the report, up to 72 percent of adults without children have put off having a child until March 2020.

Dog ownership, on the other hand, exploded across the country, with an estimated 40% of individuals adopting a new pet.

According to the latest poll, the ‘baby blip’ and the lockdown puppy boom are linked, with 71% of respondents confessing to getting a dog instead of having a baby.

Surprisingly, another 27%, or nearly a quarter, claimed that having a dog had made them want to stop having children.

Those who postponed beginning a family, on the other hand, said they still intend to have children in the future.

“As we negotiate our way back to a more stable way of living, working, and relaxing,” LGI Direct Managing Director Paula Llewellyn told TeamDogs, “it’s inevitable that certain elements of the last couple of years will have a lasting influence.”

“The fact that nearly three-quarters of Britons chose to have a dog instead of having a child astounded us the most.”

“To accommodate this, our cities and lifestyles are changing, and we’re seeing the emergence of brand new dog-related micro industries: new products and services are cropping up, competing for position with traditionally more child-focused enterprises.”

In addition, the poll looked at which cities have. “The summary has come to an end.”


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