More than 20,000 Liverpool students in one month because of a covid from the classrooms.


Jonathan Jones informed the city councils about the situation in the city’s school, as the potential for citywide closures beyond the halftime week continues to grow.

Almost a third of students in Liverpool schools have had to isolate themselves since returning to classrooms last month, the city’s chief education officer said yesterday.

Only one of the 200 or so schools in our city has not had to send students home since the start of the school year,” the city’s chief education officer said yesterday.

Mr. Jones warned that the proportion of children forced into isolation – nearly one-third of the city’s 75,000 students – poses massive challenges for teachers, but that schools are much better prepared for learning at a distance.

As of yesterday, 476 teachers and 7,915 students were in isolation. Only one in about 200 schools in the city has not yet been forced to send children home because of a positive case.

Mr. Jones said that since the schools returned in early September, 21,619 students and 1,294 staff have been forced into isolation, with 878 positive cases reported among staff and students in primary and secondary schools across the city.

“This is not only to support schools, but also to help parents”.

he said: “I think we have come a long way since March in terms of providing online education at home.

“On the City Council’s website, we have been able to put together a wave that provides a complete curriculum resource for all major phases and for all subjects.

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Yesterday evening, in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus, Mayor Joe Anderson announced that he would extend the mid-term break, currently scheduled to begin in the city on October 26th, by another week.

“I know that this can cause disruption to parents, but at the same time our teachers are under enormous pressure. We have thousands of people in the teaching profession who are currently isolating themselves just like the students”.

In an interview with Radio Merseyside, Mayor Anderson said: “I know this can cause disruption to parents: “This is something I am concerned about, yes. I talked to my Director of Education about this both last night and this morning, so I’m looking into it.

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