More and more Liverpool schools are sending their students home as the corona virus continues to infect the education sector.


Rice Lane Primary School, North Liverpool Academy and Alsop High School all had to send bubbles home after positive test results were found in their school community.

Other Liverpool children are in isolation as the city council confirmed that bubbles were sent home at three other schools in the city.

It was confirmed that three more schools in Liverpool were hit.

This time it is the year 7 bubble that was sent for self-isolation.

Alsop was already affected by a case last month and sent his year-10 class group home.

The case occurred after three Liverpool elementary school and a number of secondary schools in Merseyside were affected yesterday, and were affected throughout the week.

Last week Mayor Joe Anderson said that more than 9,000 children were isolated and hundreds of teachers were also affected.

The North Liverpool Academy’s Year 8 bubble was sent home and a class bubble was sent home in Rice Lane.

It comes as coronavirus cases continue to disrupt children’s education.

The closures do not seem to have slowed down, and the isolation of staff now threatens the operation of some schools.

More than 500 students have been affected by this alone, and other secondary schools throughout the region are also affected.

Yesterday, St. Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School advised all students except 10th and 11th graders to learn from a distance, as there may not be enough staff on site to teach in the classrooms.

Regional officials have written to Secretary of Health Matt Hancock to express their concern that the new restrictions in the region are not working.

They said: “The existing restrictions do not work, are confusing to the public and some, such as the 10 p.m. rule, are counterproductive.

In a joint letter about the group of core cities, the Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, Judith Blake from Leeds, Richard Leese from Manchester and Nick Forbes from Newcastle said that they would like to see local measures developed jointly by the police, city councils and public health services to tackle the growing infection based on local knowledge.

The leaders also called for an improved Business Support Package to support and sustain the most affected sectors such as hospitality, tourism and culture, along with consistent messages about returning to work and financial support for those who need to isolate themselves.


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