Mom, who has gone from splurging in supermarkets to reducing her weekly business to 10 pounds, passes on her tips.


Kelly Costa, 40, talked about how from the moment she just threw everything she wanted into her shopping cart, she switched to reducing her weekly business to £10.

Grocery shopping can often be the most expensive part of the week, but if you want to cut costs, you can get inspiration from a money-saving mom.

After quitting her job, Kelly knew she needed to make some changes to her weekly shopping

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Kelly, who now shares her yellow sticker picks on Instagram at @yellowstickerkelly, told the money-saving community “Before I became a mother to Isabella, now eight years old, I shopped aimlessly, regardless of what I put in my supermarket basket. When I liked wine, it went in.

After she quit her job, Kelly began to pay more attention to what she was spending, and after joining savings groups on Facebook, buying yellow stickers and freezing leftovers, she managed to reduce her purchases from £60 to £10.

“But then Isabella arrived and after two months the doctors realized there was something wrong with her.

“I was a successful contract manager with a salary of £32,000, which was enough for me and my son Raphael, who is now 18 years old and studying in college.

“I kept working for two years, but it was too much. The nanny couldn’t cope with Isabella’s extensive needs, so I had to quit my job.

“It turned out that she had brain fluid, which led to the diagnosis of macrocephaly and developmental delays.

“From one day to the next, I didn’t have much money, but practically none, and survived with her disability pension, nursing allowance and a universal loan. Her father is not in the picture, and money was really tight.

“But I was desperately trying to continue providing my children with healthy meals. I had grown up near Lisbon, Portugal, before moving to work in Greys, Essex, and I loved my traditional diet as I grew up.

“‘I’m not going to let them suffer just because times are tight,’ I said to a friend.

“That’s when supermarkets put yellow stickers on goods as they approach the end of their sell-by dates.

“So I thought about how I could buy good food cheaply – and became a shopper with yellow stickers.

“You can get 75 percent off – there are amazing discounts. The best discount I have is 52.61 pounds!

“I know at what time supermarkets lower prices and then go straight into the reduced aisle. I used to get chicken for 1 pound, lamb steaks for 60 pence, chicken chipolatas for 60 pence and a smoked salmon steak for 1 pound”.


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