Mom Is Supposedly Raped In Front Of Her 14-Month-Old Baby And Then Murdered With Her.


Mom Is Supposedly Raped In Front Of Her 14-Month-Old Baby And Then Murdered With Her.

During treatment, a lady who was allegedly raped and stabbed in front of her 14-month-old baby died in a Pakistani hospital.

After attacking the 30-year-old woman, the accused fatally stabbed the boy. The lady and her son met with a stranger on Saturday who offered to drive them to Mohra village. The man was known to the victim’s sister, according to her brother. When she and her son failed to return after a lengthy period of time, her brother became concerned and began looking for them. According to the Dawn, they later discovered both mother and boy lying in the woods with stab wounds on their necks.

According to the victim’s brother, the suspect raped his sister and then attempted to kill her by stabbing her in the neck with a knife. He also used the knife to strike the toddler. Both victims were sent to the hospital, but the baby died en route to the facility.

“The man stabbed both the mother and her toddler son, injuring them both. The infant died as a result of the injuries, and the mom was taken to the hospital for treatment,” police spokeswoman officer Sajjad Ul Hassan told the media.

After an autopsy, the body of the 14-month-old baby was turned over to the family. Other than knife injuries, a police officer informed the Nation that the woman’s body showed symptoms of torture.

According to the authorities, the woman’s neck injuries were the cause of death in the initial postmortem report. To confirm rape, authorities are waiting for forensic analysis. According to the Nation, an inquiry into the incident is presently underway.

Wajid Jadoon, the accused, has been identified and has fled the scene of the crime. The victim’s partner, with whom she had the baby, has not been identified.

Officers Mohammad Asif of the Station House and Yasir Mehmood of the Station House went to the crime scene to gather evidence and other pertinent information about the occurrence. A manhunt is currently underway to apprehend the suspect. In order to learn more about the killer’s whereabouts, the police have enlisted the help of spy organizations.


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