Minereum to offer investors a yield of up to 50% on cryptobonds.


Minereum has issued a new crypto-bond that allows investors to earn up to 50% annually on their digital assets.
The first-self-mining contract proves that we can add traditional bond functionality to a distributed ledger.
The crypto company wants to end the dependence of traditional bonds on centralized issuers.

Minereum recently introduced a new crypto-bond for its community that guarantees investors an annual return of up to 50%. Minereum, the first intelligent self-dismantling contract, launched this new offering in the Defi room, where traditional bonds – considered to be one of the safest securities – will no longer be dependent on centralized issuers such as banks and municipalities, but will be introduced through an unquestionable software code.

Minereum offers users the opportunity to mine without the use of mining equipment. The company was launched by airdrop in 2017. In 2020 it also launched a new V2 airdrop, which had about 1.2 million subscriber addresses.

Minereum also added several features to its V2 airdrop, including decentralized trading, stakes, a transparent lucky draw game in the chain and an overview of the ecosystem.

Minereum Crypto Connection

Minereum crypto bond is an intelligent contract that brings the traditional bond into a decentralized network. It consists of three factors that investors need to know about: Term, yield and the value of the bond.

The time frame of the bond or the time when the bond yields yields is the maturity. However, the maturity can be between 1, 3 or 5 years. Value deals with the multinational company invested in the bond.

Yield is the annual payment for the bond’s chosen term. After you have generated the bond, the annual yield is determined based on the period you have chosen.

There are currently three bonds available in the Minereum Crypto Bond System, which have the following yields

1. 1 year = 30% return

2. 3 years = 40% return

3. 5 years = 50% return

Let’s say you invest 10,000 MNE in a bond; you will earn about 5,000 MNE annually for five years when the bond expires – you will also get back the 100 MNE you invested before. The interest rate is fixed and does not change until the maturity date.

How you can participate in the Minereum Cryptobond

To participate in the Minereum crypto-binding, you must

An Ethereum Web3 browser wallet like TrustWallet or Coinbase Wallet.
A certain amount of MNE that you have to invest for the bond you want to have in the Ethereum wallet.
Choose the desired term and yield of the bond.
Some ETH tokens in your crypto wallet to cover the gas fees.

If you want to participate and do not have a MNE to buy yet, you can buy it through Uniswap Exchange, Livecoin.net and the MNE DEX.


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