Millions of iPhone and Android users will be affected by the new WhatsApp upgrade.


Millions of iPhone and Android users will be affected by the new WhatsApp upgrade.

Following their most recent update, Android and iPhone users should be on the lookout for two new features.

This one is for individuals who enjoy sending audio notes because it is guaranteed to save you time.

WhatsApp is now allowing users to customize the pace at which voice communications are played back.

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This means you can play it again at 1.5x or 2x the standard recording speed.

According to the Express, “this is an extremely effective approach to cut out any long pauses or anything else that can slow down the voice note.”

Of course, WhatsApp will play the message at the same pace as it was recorded by default.

When you tap the play button on the voice note bubbles, a little symbol appears on the right-hand side, indicating the speed at which you’re playing.

The various selections will be cycled through by tapping that symbol. WhatsApp will now play voice notes sent one after the other if they display as such in your chat window, thanks to a new upgrade.

So you can record a message, choose the speed, and put your phone away, knowing that every vocal note will be played back to you.

If you don’t have any headphones, put the phone to your ear and WhatsApp will play the recording as if it were an incoming call. In other words, if you haven’t yet listened to a friend’s voice message, you have no excuse.

When someone mentions you by name (using the @ symbol in their message) or replies to one of your texts, a “@” sign displays in the list of all current chats in your app.

This is a useful technique of showcasing the most important texts if you have a lot of active group chats on your WhatsApp profile.

After you’ve replied to the messages that are directly related to your earlier texts or that mention you by name, you can go through the other chats to see what everyone is talking about.

WhatsApp’s latest feature-rich version is available for iPhone users in the App Store, while Android users must go to the Play Store. The summary comes to a close.


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