Millions of drivers fail to renew their MOTs, putting their auto insurance at danger.


UK- Millions of drivers fail to renew their MOTs, putting their auto insurance at danger.

If, like most of us, your car is over three years old, your MOT is due once a year. As a car owner, it is one of the most significant obligations we have.

Despite this, 7.1 million people failed to renew their MOT before Covid, and preliminary statistics suggest that the rates may be considerably higher this year, due to misunderstanding about when the government’s extension period ended following the shutdown.

It’s simple to get confused, but the implications might be severe because you’re putting other road users in danger if your vehicle isn’t up to par.

It’s no surprise that MOT fines are so high if you miss the deadline – up to £2,500 if your car is deemed hazardous when it’s inspected. Otherwise, it’ll cost you £1,000.

Driving without a valid MOT also invalidates your insurance, which could be even more expensive if you have an accident, as you will have no third-party coverage and your personal culpability will be unlimited.

Fortunately, the CarCloud app offers a fantastic feature that notifies you when your MOT is due.

Simply input your vehicle registration number and email address, and you’re good to go.

The MOT reminder is just one of many fantastic features in CarCloud that help take the hassle out of owning a car by storing all of your driving paperwork on your phone.

It can also get you a price from 115 insurance providers in minutes.

It’s no surprise that CarCloud proclaims, “We’re the answer to everything except driving!”

Drivers in Liverpool have a lifeline.

It’s not often that drivers in Liverpool get some good news while navigating the city’s gridlock and roadworks.

With Covid still looming, the app debut is particularly appropriate, as many of us are driving our cars more frequently for staycations, drive-in events, and to avoid public transportation.

Our automobiles give us that personal space and extra protection to protect us from the virus, so it’s more vital than ever to make sure we’re up to date on all the legal requirements that come with owning one, so get all the assistance you need from CarCloud.

Everything you need to know about CarCloud -. “The summary has come to an end.”


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