Michelle Keegan and Coronation Street star Sam’s reality TV fame


Michelle Keegan and Coronation Street star Sam’s reality TV fame

The advent of Sam Blakeman on Coronation Street shook the Cobbles, and he’s been involved in drama ever since.

Nick Tilsley was taken aback when he found out he had a long-lost son with former Natasha Blakeman, who found out she was pregnant after leaving Weatherfield in 2010.

Nick began to doubt whether he was the father after running into her in the hospital, and he was able to see through her falsehoods, according to Mirror Online.

Fans of Coronation Street are stunned by Sam’s transformation into a “superhero.”

Sam is played by Jude Riordan, a young actor who has already made quite a name for himself.

The 10-year-old Corrie star, who hails from St Helens, Merseyside, first graced our television screens in the Channel 4 documentary The Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds in 2017.

Before winning his first TV role, he proved to be a tremendous hit in front of the camera and was signed by Paul Byram Associates casting agency.

Sam’s voice was used in Haribo commercials in which youngsters play adult roles, and he also played Little Phil in the CBBC drama Katy.

In addition, the child has landed the role of Tyler in the Sky One comedy drama Brassic, with Michelle Keegan playing his on-screen mother.

Sam has since followed in Michelle’s footsteps onto the set of Corrie, where actress Rachel Leskovac plays his TV mother.

Sam recounts his days filming on set and showcases his tight bond with on-screen mother Rachel on his parent-run Instagram account.

He captioned a photo of the two, “This is how pleased I feel when my Mum comes in.” On the cobbles with @rachelleskovac, it was a blast. Sam has some extremely amazing things coming ahead. To be with Rachel is such a blessing. I adore her to the moon and back.”


Same offered a heartfelt greeting to his own mother as well as his on-screen mothers on Mother’s Day this year.

Sharing some cute snaps, he wrote: “Happy Mother’s day to all Especially my Mum, my Corrie Mum @rachelleskovac and my Brassic Mum @michkeegan”

Jude is no new to the television, having previously taken over BBC Breakfast for a day to promote in 2017. The summary comes to a close.


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