Michael Josephson MBE is a fantastic man.


Michael Josephson MBE is a fantastic man.

Michael Josephson MBE is a fantastic man.


Following his horrific background, he has dedicated the most of his life to assisting vulnerable youngsters.

He’s a wealthy businessman who has donated millions of dollars to aid others.

What I admire about his charitable efforts is that every dime goes to the cause.

We’ve only recently become friends, but his tale is incredible.

As a child, he was subjected to horrible sexual, emotional, and physical abuse.

He went to the bottom of the barrel and then turned his life around.

Michael’s mother died when he was ten years old.

He had no touch with his father because his parents were divorced.

His half-brother was given custody.

He spent a few years with him before being taken into care after being abused horribly and found naked on the streets.

Michael told me that going through the foster care system was really difficult for him since he was even more abused and bullied.

He broke free from the system at the age of sixteen and embarked on his life’s journey.

He was mentally wounded at this point, so he relied on sleeping pills and tranquilizers to get him through the day.

Unfortunately, this resulted in drinking, drugging, and partying, but Michael worked tirelessly to establish himself.

Then it all came to a head, and he couldn’t go on any longer because the pain was becoming unbearable.

On December 28, 1998, he tried to commit suicide.

He leaped off a 60-foot bridge, sat for three hours, and was going to climb down when he realized that if he didn’t jump, people would believe he was seeking attention, and he would be imprisoned or institutionalized again.

“I wasn’t planning on jumping, but I did.”

“All I remember is lying in hospital for months, having broken pretty much every bone in my body.”

Michael had to relearn how to walk, and he still has to go to rehab twice a week for his back.

He’s become a significantly better person as a result of it, and he doesn’t want any other young person to go through what he did.

This is why Michael donates so much to such deserving causes and why he was awarded an MBE.

His charity ball was held on Saturday. “The summary has come to an end.”


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