Merseyside beautiful location hosts open water swimming sessions.


Merseyside beautiful location hosts open water swimming sessions.

People may go for a ‘liberating’ swim at a popular Merseyside beauty area where open water swimming sessions are held.

This summer, the festivities will take place at Crosby Lakeside on a variety of dates.

Experienced open water swimmers will be able to appreciate the gorgeous location at Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre on Cambridge Road in Waterloo. Open water swimming, according to the organizers, is “a very different experience than swimming in a pool, without the limits of lane ropes or walls; it’s liberated, adventurous, and distinctive.”

A 500-meter course will be set up, and all swimmers will be required to follow a one-way system. Each event is limited to 40 swimmers, and advance registration is required. There will be no changing facilities available due to Covid 19 regulations.

Monday and Wednesday nights from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, and Saturday mornings from 9.30am to 11am are open for sessions. Tickets cost £5.98 and can be purchased through Eventbrite.

Rowing boats, stand-up paddle boards, open canoes, and sit-on-top kayaks are among the family activities available at the Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre. People can also participate in a range of water sports such as sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and jet skiing, all of which offer training opportunities.


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