Men run after an Audi involved in a police chase collides with three other vehicles and ‘flattens a wall.’


Men run after an Audi involved in a police chase collides with three other vehicles and ‘flattens a wall.’

Two guys are being sought after a stolen Audi collided with three other vehicles during a police chase.

Images show a substantially damaged wall believed to have been struck by the Audi in Fazakerley yesterday night, and a woman in one of the three cars impacted was rushed to hospital.

Merseyside Police today requested witnesses to come forward after confirming that the men fled on foot shortly before 8 p.m. after a police chase.

Several police cars were seen at the scene in Copplehouse Lane, and policemen were seen running down the street, according to footage uploaded on social media.

As the driver fled police, the Audi nearly missed a mother and a little child and “smashed through a front garden wall,” according to residents.

Merseyside Police said in a statement: “Officers from the department’s Roads Policing Unit were alerted about an Audi A4 traveling on Whitefield Road at 7.55 p.m.

“The Audi crashed with three other vehicles on Copplehouse Lane after a brief pursuit, and two male perpetrators fled on foot.”

Thankfully, no one was critically injured, but one woman inside one of the vehicles struck by the Audi was “taken to hospital as a precaution with a stiff neck,” according to police.

One of the males who left is described as white and wearing beige shorts and a navy top, according to police.

The second man is described as being white, with red hair, and dressed in blue shorts and a blue top.

In the neighborhood, there are witness and CCTV investigations going on.

“We’re looking to speak to anyone who was in the Fazakerley area last night at the time of the incident, particularly near the intersection of Hawksmoore Road and Grieve Road,” said Inspector Carl McNulty of the Roads Policing Unit.

“It’s possible that you have CCTV or dashcam evidence of the perpetrators fleeing the automobile, or that you spotted their route.”

“Proactive policing and visible patrols on our roadways not only provide public reassurance, but they also allow officers to notice and respond to suspicious conduct,” he said.

“No criminal should try to profit from a stolen vehicle while it is still in our possession. The summary comes to a close.


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