Meet the man who says that hair transplantation has made ‘an incredible difference’ – and start planning for yours.


Merseyside based Hair Transplant Solutions Ltd. offers an affordable and expert service and flies its clients to Turkey, fully escorted, where they receive treatment at a prestigious clinic.

For example, if you have been considering a hair transplant, now might be the perfect time to do your research and finalize your plans.

Alex Kyriacou decided to be treated by Hair Transplant Solutions Ltd after seeing the positive results of a friend

he said: “While you have all the time in the world during the COVID-19 lockout, why not send us your hair images so we can see what hair transplant options are available for you. Hopefully the flights should start again in late summer, so let’s start planning now”.

And CEO Tony Owen has urged potential clients to start planning now if they are considering a transplant.

“You start to feel confident when you’re on the road, and nobody really understands that.”

A receding hairline made Alex Kyriacou feel confident and look for ways to make a difference.

The now 40 year old Southport resident said, “I got up in the morning, looked in the mirror and thought, ‘darn, my hair is falling out’.

He said: “I had a friend who went somewhere and had a cheap one and he came back and it looked terrible.

Alex, who works for a company that sells solar panels, had spent time looking for a low-cost, high-quality hair transplant provider and felt “suspicious” of the variety of options available on the Internet.

However, in contrast, Alex was able to see the quality results first hand when someone he knew decided to have a transplant through Merseyside based Hair Transplant Solutions Ltd.

The company is run by hairdressing expert Tony Owen, who has over 40 years experience in the hair industry and has also performed the treatment himself.

said Alex: “I heard about Hair Transplant Solutions because one of my friends had already spoken to Tony and I looked at her hair and thought it looked incredible.

Through the company, Alex travelled to Istanbul in Turkey with his cousin’s husband, who had also booked the treatment, to undergo hair transplantation in March 2019 at a prestigious clinic.

“I contacted Tony and he came by to take some photos. He will then take care of everything during the whole process, and there is also a follow-up – he won’t leave you alone, but in a nice way!

said Alex: “The chaperone service is the right way to go with someone who has all this experience with hair and has done [the treatment]himself.

Now, a year later, Alex remembered a “big, big difference in six months” after the treatment, which cost between £2,500 and £3,000 in total, and explained that the results had made an “incredible difference” for him.

They opted for the optional escort service and as part of the package they were accompanied abroad by Tony, who provided support and guidance throughout the process.


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