Meet the Aldi shopkeeper from Netherley who hopes to be named the most desirable man in the world.


In just over three weeks, Chris Bramell will leave the East Prescot Road supermarket aisles, where he works the late shift, and take to the catwalk to compete with gorgeous guys from all over the world.

Shoppers at Aldi in Liverpool may not notice, but they may be about to be served by the most desirable man in the world.

Chris Bramell from Netherley will be competing at Mr. World next month.

“I’ve watched videos from previous competitions just to know what to expect, and that’s what they say when they announce you on stage,” he laughs. “But I’m just an ordinary guy from Liverpool, and I’m in the race against all these countries for this title. What is going on here?”

And with this title comes the addition of “most desirable man in the world”, something that Chris admits that he and his buddies from Aldi didn’t take it too seriously.

The 23-year-old from Netherley is the reigning Mr. Liverpool and Mr. England, and that means he will be holding up the flag when the Mr. World competition is held in Southport on July 19.

“She spotted me, came over and said she thought I was perfect for the competition,” he recalls. “At first I wasn’t sure that I was a real Liverpool lad who was really into sports, so I didn’t know that I would fit into a beauty contest. But when I came home and told my family, they all said, ‘Do it, you never know what’s going to happen’.

Former Gateacre School student, Chris, had never had any modeling experience when he was scouted by Miss and Mr. Liverpool organizer Pat Hughes last spring while he was stocking shelves.

He tried his luck with Mr. Liverpool and won, then made it to the final of Mr. England in August, where he was also successful, although he admits that the experience on the catwalk was not self-evident at first.

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“My self-confidence and self-esteem weren’t that high back then, and when my girlfriend videotaped me at Mr. Liverpool’s, I didn’t even look up or smile, so nervous I stood up in front of hundreds of people,” he says.

“But now I really want to become a role model and get other people to take risks, because Pat has obviously helped me get started, and that has given me so much confidence.


“What has happened to me since I won the titles has been amazing and I have traveled so much. I spent 22 days with Miss Liverpool in Sri Lanka to do a huge photo shoot for a major hotel brand that was incredible and just a few weeks ago I was in Gibraltar to judge Miss Gibraltar and her show was fantastic. I’ve been travelling up and down the UK and doing so much charity work, and I’ve been judging laps for the next Mr. England runs.

Chris had intended to pursue a sports career after graduating from Edge Hill University with a degree in sports promotion, but he found it difficult to find places to work.

“So I joined Aldi and applied to the RAF at the same time I met Pat,” he explains. “From then on, I just decided to put things on hold and see where they took me.

“And I actually managed to get people to recognize me and ask about themselves! Especially in Asia, this is huge, so I felt really famous over there because people asked for my autograph!


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