Meena panics as she drops Leanna’s ring by Liam’s feet in Emmerdale.


Meena panics as she drops Leanna’s ring by Liam’s feet in Emmerdale.

Murdering Next week on Emmerdale, Meena makes a terrible mistake by dropping Leanna’s ring in front of Liam’s father.

On Monday, Liam refuses to talk to Leyla and Jacob about Leanna’s funeral arrangements, and he chastises Leyla for her and Jacob’s extravagant plans, informing her that he’ll handle everything himself from now on.

Liam informs Leyla that she failed him when he needed her the most, and she is devastated.

‘Idiot’ from Emmerdale After tonight’s program, Jimmy has viewers seething.

The following day, Liam informs Charles that he wants a conventional, respectable, and respectful funeral for Leanna, and he battles to keep his rage in check as a defiant Jacob enters and joins the discussion.

Liam tries to carry on regardless, but a seething Jacob is unyielding, and things quickly boil over.

Jacob rages, claiming that he knew Leanna better than Liam, and an enraged Liam walks out, leaving a guilty Leyla to blame herself.

Later, Jacob implores Liam to reconsider the funeral, stating that it should reflect all that was distinctive and great about Leanna’s personality.

However, calamity strikes Meena at Leanna’s burial when she fiddles with Leanna’s ring on her necklace.

When the ring slips off the necklace, she panics and watches in terror as it rolls and lands near Liam’s shoe.

Meena, who is silently afflicted, is afraid of being discovered.


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