Matt Hancock denies allegations that he violated the 10 p.m. curfew in a bar.


When he first spoke about the accusation at the BBC breakfast, the MP was asked by Dan Walker whether he had broken the rules set up by his own government.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock denied allegations that he had violated the government’s curfew on alcohol consumption from October 19 to 10 p.m.

An eyewitness has claimed to have seen Hancock drinking in a bar in the House of Commons after 10 p.m., but he insists that these allegations are not true.

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker interviewed the Minister of Health about rumours on this morning’s BBC Breakfast Show

The allegations come at an extremely sensitive time for the government, as the vast majority of the hospitality industry has been closed down under level three bans.

An eyewitness claimed to have seen Hancock drinking in a bar in the House of Commons after 10pm, but the minister insists that the accusations are not true.

Dan said: “You mentioned your behavior, I only want to talk about your own behavior because this is the first opportunity to talk to you since some of these newspaper rumors that you broke the 10:00 p.m. curfew in a bar in the House of Commons. May I ask you live on television this morning: “Did you do that?

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The breakfast presenter came back to him with an eyewitness testimony Walker said, “So the eyewitness who said he saw you there is not telling the truth?

Hancock was clear and extremely succinct in his answer. He said, “No, and I said it in the House of Commons, the story is not true, and I am glad to be able to clear it up.

Once again, Matt Hancock came back with a short answer. He said, “No, absolutely not”.

In June, after being filmed in the House of Commons during the Prime Minister’s questions, he apologized for breaking the two-meter-long rules of social distance by putting his arm around a fellow member of parliament.

Mr. Hancock, who tested positive for coronavirus in March, had previously come under fire for violating government protocols.


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