Masks, ‘cumbersome’ travel, and a ‘difficult’ winter are among the grim predictions of what life would be like in the future.


Masks, ‘cumbersome’ travel, and a ‘difficult’ winter are among the grim predictions of what life would be like in the future.

The fourth stage of the roadmap is expected to begin on July 19, but life as we know it is unlikely to ever be the same.

According to reports, scientific experts have informed the government that working from home and wearing masks may be necessary for a bit longer.

By the time winter arrives, tougher limitations may be required once more, according to Mirror Online.

Quarantine-free travel for vaccinated people could resume in August.

Which changes are here to stay as ministers explore a variety of proposals? What will it be like to live with Covid in the long run?

Professor of immunology at the University of Manchester and author of The Secret Body, Daniel Davis, covers some of the most pressing issues.

As the temperature decreases and we all spend more time indoors, where the virus is more transmissible, scientists are concerned about a probable increase in cases.

This, combined with the possibility of a flu epidemic, might be disastrous.

According to reports, some experts are pushing for stricter restrictions in the winter due to concerns about the NHS’s ability to cope.

“Many health issues are seasonal, and certain times of the year are more problematic than others,” Prof Davis added.

“Perhaps the finest piece of advise is to expect the unexpected.

“A lot of health issues are like rollercoasters, and you have to be ready for them to change.”

We may have high hopes for the end of Covid limitations, but the situation for the rest of the year is far from clear.

Prof Davis says: “It’s difficult to give black and white answers or a clear time frame because there are still lots of unknowns.

“It might be that we get things under control for the moment but there are potentially risky mutations to consider. Even once restrictions lift next month, things won’t immediately return to how they were at the start of 2020.”

The Government told the nation to work from home at the start of the pandemic and it’s unlikely it will officially reverse that and order us all back to the office.

Proposals include a “hybrid approach”, with ministers said to be actively looking at ways to help people work from home, unless it’s essential to be in the office.

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