Marks & Spencer customers are enamored with the ‘beautiful’ new outfits.


Marks & Spencer customers are enamored with the ‘beautiful’ new outfits.

After revealing one of its new ensembles online this week, Marks & Spencer has piqued the interest of buyers.

The retailer is one of many that posts its newest fashion and homeware products online, garnering positive feedback and excitement from customers.

M&S uploaded a snapshot of its new shorts and shirt combo on Facebook, and it has been a tremendous hit with people.

After noticing a new Kinder Bueno product, shoppers are calling the cops.

“Our fitted shorts are the perfect, fashionable complement for when the temperature is hot,” the retailer commented alongside the photo. #MyMarks as seen on ‘@ninaleacaine’

Hundreds of likes and comments from shoppers have flooded in, all admiring the “amazing” attire.

M&S Tailored Shorts, Pure Linen Collared Long Sleeve Shirt, Canvas Shopper Bag, and Leather Flatform Flip Flops are included in the look.

“That’s a pretty lovely outfit,” one customer said beneath the photo. I wish I could put it on!!!”

“Really like this, I now have a vision of myself wandering about Barcelona in this attire (a girl can dream, can’t she?),” another said.

“Fantastic outfit,” said a third shopper. “I adore everything,” said a fourth, adding, “I adore this outfit!”

“Gorgeous clothing x,” commented a fifth. “Beautiful!” wrote a sixth.

“Really adore this!” said another.

Clothing from Marks & Spencer is accessible online.

The costume can be found in your local store or ordered online here.


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