Mark Labbett of The Chase gloats as a competitor makes a £24,000 error.


Mark Labbett of The Chase gloats as a competitor makes a £24,000 error.

Today, Mark Labbett was ecstatic after a participant on The Chase made a costly error that lost the team £24,000.

On today’s show, Angela, Helena, Robert, and Dave all battled The Beast in the hopes of winning thousands of pounds.

Helena, a Middlesex student keen to see Las Vegas, was the first to speak.

Dad, who was £200k in debt when he started his business, now controls a multi-million pound corporation.

Helena came out on top in the cash builder, winning £6000.

The Beast, on the other hand, offered her a whopping £30,000 in a head-to-head battle.

Helena stated that she had intended to accept the high offer before appearing on the show.

When she came to the table, however, she got cold feet and decided to keep her £6000.

Helena, on the other hand, answered every question right during the head-to-head and easily advanced to the final.

Helena had’missed an opportunity for an extra £24,000,’ according to Bradley Walsh.

The Beast, on the other hand, was delighted to have denied Helena the additional funds.

The Beast responded to Brad’s remark by saying, “It depends if you’re a half-glass or half-empty person.”

Mark stated that having the first contender advance to the final and win £6000 was a benefit for the team.

“However, you missed £24,000 and you answered every question right hahahah,” he continued.


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