Marcus Rashford’s mural has been defaced by a racist vandal.


Marcus Rashford’s mural has been defaced by a racist vandal.

Following England’s penalty shootout loss to Italy in the Euro 2020 final, a mural honoring Marcus Rashford was vandalized.

The graffiti, which surfaced less than an hour after England’s penalty shootout, was “racially inflamed,” according to Greater Manchester police.

“Hate crime in any form is utterly unacceptable and not wanted in in our city,” said Chief Superintendent Paul Savill in a plea for information.

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The mural in Withington, Manchester, was painted by street artist Akse and was inspired by a photograph by Daniel Cheetham.

The sculpture was commissioned in honor of Rashford’s efforts to alleviate child hunger.

Marcus Rashford’s mother donated the quote on the mural, which says, “Take satisfaction in knowing that your battle will play the biggest role in your mission.”

The terrible remarks was promptly covered up with bin liners, which were rapidly painted with ‘love’ hearts characterizing the footballer as a hero, campaigner, and role model by local residents.

Ed Wellard, co-founder of Withington Walls, a street arts firm that assisted in the creation of the painting, said he awoke to find the mural had been vandalized and went down with bin liners to cover it up.

“I’ve come out to correct what I could right away and cover up what I couldn’t, and hopefully we’ll be able to get the artist out to fix it,” he added.

“We dared to dream yesterday and were disappointed, but waking up to this is far worse. Racism appears to be growing in popularity.”


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