Man went from sniffing gasoline as a child to living a heroin-addicted life.


Man went from sniffing gasoline as a child to living a heroin-addicted life.

A man who has been abusing drugs since he was eight years old is using his experiences to help those who are battling with their own addictions.

Stuart Sinnott, from Widnes, had been addicted to drugs since he was eight years old and had dropped out of school with no qualifications or schooling.

But he now has a position at the Halton centre, where he completed his own rehabilitation, and he believes that his experiences will assist to improve rehabilitation rates throughout the city region.

A new analysis reveals the scope of problems at the ailing Liverpool City Council.

Stuart told The Washington Newsday that his new profession is “not a job — it’s my life,” and that he no longer feels the need to hide his true self from the rest of the world.

Stuart suffered as a child in the 1980s and began using solvents at the age of eight because they made him feel special and let him to escape the reality.

He stated, ” “The 1980s were the era in which I grew up. Racism, misogyny, and domestic violence were all present.

“My self-esteem suffered as a result of my father’s bullying. It was horribly messed-up domestic violence, but he was my father, and I adored him.

“He’d picked up habits that he’d never been able to break free from.

“I began sniffing fuel, gas, and anything else that might make me feel less like myself. It was mysterious, and it made me feel different from my normal routine.

“I was never at ease in my own skin, and I despised myself.

“I’ve always wanted to be someone else — I’ve always seen someone else and didn’t realize the struggle I was having on the inside, which is one of the core causes of addiction.

“Instead of obtaining the proper attention from my family, I sought it from strangers, but I did it by engaging in terrible behavior and poor judgment in order to act outside of the norm.”

Stuart suffered at school because he couldn’t concentrate. He was battling his addictions the whole time, and he ended up dropping out of school with no education or qualifications.

He stated, ” “I was burned out, psychologically wounded, and completely reliant on heroin when I was 16 years old.

“By the time I was, I’d gone through the entire drug usage ladder.”

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