Man runs his truck over his lover and claims it was an accident in order to force him to marry her.


Man runs his truck over his lover and claims it was an accident in order to force him to marry her.

According to authorities in India, a man admitted to running a truck over his lover and attempting to pass the murder off as an accident after she compelled him to marry her.

Manpreet Kaur, a 28-year-old victim, was discovered dead on a highway in Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, on the night of September 18.

Kaur’s body and head were found crushed, leading police to suspect she had been ran over by a heavy car in a road accident.

A thorough investigation revealed, however, that the “accident” was manufactured and that Kaur’s lover and live-in partner, 26-year-old Nafees Ahmed, was the perpetrator.

While being held for questioning, Ahmed confessed to the crime. According to The Times of India, he was charged with murder and causing the removal of evidence.

Sukhveer Singh, Kaur’s 29-year-old husband, was the one who recognized her body. According to police sources, Kaur fell in love with Ahmed five years after her marriage to Singh and moved in with him three years ago.

Singh informed the cops that Kaur wanted to marry Ahmed, but that he was hesitant. The investigators who took Ahmed into custody for questioning had a huge lead thanks to this indication. While Kaur was pressuring Ahmed to marry her, Ahmed confessed to killing her.

According to India Today, Ahmed took her out for a trip in his pickup on Sept. 18 and murdered her.

“When they came to a barren stretch, he smacked her across the head with an iron rod. He threw her on the road after she lost consciousness and ran his truck over her body and then her head,” said Dharamveer Singh, a senior investigative officer.

A 24-year-old Pennsylvania guy was arrested last month for murdering his girlfriend and attempting to cover it up. Nicholas Forman, the suspect, hid the body of his 22-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Harooni, for more than 10 hours before transporting it to a neighboring hospital. Forman said that Harooni was hurt in an attack by a group of women who followed them home from the bar while they were in the hospital. However, after reviewing CCTV evidence from the pub, investigators discovered that it was a fabrication.


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