Man is accused of rapping his teenage daughter and selling her to other men; he has been arrested.


Man is accused of rapping his teenage daughter and selling her to other men; he has been arrested.

In India, a 17-year-old girl claims her father raped her and forced her to have sexual contact with other men.

According to the girl’s accusation, police in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh detained a total of 28 males, including the victim’s father, four uncles, and some influential members of local political parties.

The child, whose identity was not released, told detectives that when she was around 12-years-old, her father tried to persuade her to have a sexual relationship with him by showing her sexually graphic films.

When she refused, her father allegedly purchased new clothing for her. According to the Times of India, he then took her for a journey on his motorcycle and told her he was going to teach her how to ride it.

The father allegedly drove the girl to a distant farm and assaulted her there once she was on the bike. He threatened her, claiming if she told anyone about the incident, he would kill her mother. Since then, the teen’s father has raped her on several occasions.

The father took the girl to a hotel after school at some point and served her sedative-laced snacks. He allegedly handed her over to a woman at the hotel, who then abandoned her in an empty room. A male entered the room and raped the girl while she was unconscious, according to the girl.

She stated that she was taken to hotels where he was raped by multiple men on several times.

“The victim’s father is being questioned. He works as a truck driver, and it appears that he was courting his minor daughter “According to the Times of India, officer Nikhil Pathak said.

Four of her uncles, as well as several members of local political parties, were also accused of rapping her. Her uncles apparently tried to sell her at one time but were unsuccessful.

“Late last night, a case was filed against 28 people. The girl is under the age of eighteen and has a brother. All comments and information are being double-checked “Girijesh Kumar, a police official, said India Today.

The girl’s father, as well as the other 27 suspects, are accused of assault, rape, voluntarily causing harm, and criminal intimidation.


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