Mama’s horror after she found a car smashed in the night of disaster.


Joanne Horgan recorded a video of the damage that occurred when the boys hit their silver VW Polo with a hammer and smashed three of its windows, leaving the inside covered with splinters of glass.

A mother of three condemned the thugs who smashed her car during the night of disaster in a frenzy of vandalism.

The inside of the car was covered with glass splinters.

Joanne, 62, said, “I was angry and upset. I had to go out in the wind and rain to try to freshen up all the glass and then secure the car by putting flimsy garbage bags over the windows.

The car, a VW Polo 02 reg, was parked by the side of the road near her house Meols.

It was discovered yesterday (Friday) around 10:30 pm by her son in Sandhey Road near Hoylake, Wirral.

“Someone said the wild rats were riding around on their bikes with a hammer, smashing windows in the process.

“A lady across the street who had driven away had also damaged her small car in the same way.

“All of Hoylake last night resembled a war zone where people’s cars were smashed.

“I have three boys and they would never have acted like that, I knew exactly where they were.”

Joanne said she reported the incident to the police.

Posted in a local Facebook group, one woman said, “I was just in Hoylake, George Road, and my car and at least nine others got their windows smashed.

The incident was part of a series of attacks on cars in the Hoylake area last night.

“Nothing taken, only wanton vandalism.

“I had to knock and tell a man in his 80s that his rear window had been smashed, he was devastated”.


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