Maas: New beginning of the transatlantic partnership after US elections…


In a guest article, Federal Foreign Minister Maas pleads for a new beginning in US-EU relations. He said that Berlin was striving for a quick new beginning after the US elections.

Foreign Minister Heiko Maas pleads for a “new beginning in the transatlantic partnership” after the US elections – no matter who wins. For regardless of the outcome of the election, Germany and Europe would have to prepare themselves for “less American involvement in the world,” wrote Maas in a guest article in the “Welt am Sonntag. A new beginning is necessary, because: “The profiteers of our differences are in Beijing and Moscow, but also in Tehran and Pyongyang.

The German government will “approach Washington with proposals soon after the elections – as a contribution to a new, transatlantic agenda. We need a new common understanding of the global ‘rules of the game’ that have been violated by various parties in recent years,” Maas wrote. This concerns a coordinated sanctions policy as well as a common stance towards China and in the World Trade Organization (WTO), or the coordinated approach in the Western Balkans.

But the new relations also include the fact that the Europeans “if need be, they can manage the crises on their own doorstep”. The goal is “European sovereignty”, the Minister continued. This does not mean turning away from the transatlantic partnership, on the contrary: “Only a Europe that makes a credible effort to protect its own security interests independently will remain an attractive partner for the United States in the future.



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