Love Island 2021: The Ultimate Drinking Game


Love Island 2021: The Ultimate Drinking Game

As viewers tune in for a summer of love, the drama on Love Island is heating up.

This is the show’s seventh season, so there are a few catchphrases we’ve grown to adore over the years (who could forget the original catchphrase, “I’ve got a text!”)

Georgia Townend of Love Island 2021 discusses her age, Instagram, and work.

You may play this game on any night, but Friday nights are the ideal because not only can you avoid the work hangovers, but Friday episodes sometimes include a recoupling or cliffhanger finale, ensuring plenty of drama.

So grab your favorite beverage and prepare to have a good time – just remember to drink sensibly and don’t blame us if you wake up with a headache.

The Rules of the Love Island Drinking Game

To begin, gather your fellow Love Island-obsessed friends or family members, as well as plenty of pint glasses, shot glasses, and an ample supply of alcohol (a mixture of spirits, beers and wine, depending on your preference).

Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the performance!


= a taste of your beverage

a single shot

= two pictures

= finish your beverage

Throughout the series:

‘I’ve got a text!’ exclaims a contestant.

Someone gets dragged away for a chat.

The entire group is summoned to the firepit.

montage of a one-minute celebration

Someone spends a night of embarrassment on the sofa.

Someone leaps into the pool completely undressed.

An argument erupts.

A newcomer causes someone’s head to turn.

Someone ‘does parts,’ as it were.


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