Local cricket: After a year of improvement, the award is the frosting on the cake for Sefton Park Women.


Local cricket: After a year of improvement, the award is the frosting on the cake for Sefton Park Women.

Frankie Morris of Sefton Park Women had the best season of her life.

The team won three trophies, and attendance at training increased by about 300 percent. To top it all, Morris was recently honored with an award for assisting others in getting into the game.

Tickets to the third day of play at the Old Trafford Test were part of the prize for the Lancashire Grassroots Cricket ‘Inspired to Play’ award, however not everything has gone according to plan… Morris, on the other hand, valued the trip over the end result.

“At the start of the season, we set our goals, and the first one was to have fun,” she explained.

“The second was to go from softball to hardball, and the third was to win, in that order.

“It was critical that we create an environment in which everyone felt accepted, whether or not they were brilliant at cricket. As a result, we’ve always attempted to make our Wednesday night coaching welcoming and enjoyable.”

Morris’ duties has included scouting Sefton Park for potential new players.

“We occasionally see individuals around the park playing cricket for fun; we see women playing, and we make an effort to approach them and ask if they want to take this more seriously,” she continued.

“And simply getting out and about has aided a lot of our team’s mental health and enjoyment.

“You could see folks were really eager to get outside and active and do something in March and April, and we were there for them.

“It’s been an amazing season.”

Although comparing this year to the previous one isn’t quite like-for-like, it’s nevertheless noteworthy that Wednesday night attendance has increased from eight in 2020 to thirty this summer.

Part of it will be owing to Morris’s recruiting efforts in the park, and part of it will be due to the Hundred, cricket’s big talking topic this summer.

Like it, despise it, or make sure everyone knows you’re ignoring it… The impact of the new event on the profile of women’s domestic cricket cannot be disregarded.

Morris’ point of view is unmistakable. “It’s great to have women’s cricket.” “The summary comes to an end.”


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