Liverpool’s support has changed this man’s life – now he looks incredible.


Rex Stone of Oklahoma City became an LFC supporter after falling in love with the club’s anthem, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” and took the message as a sign to change his mental health and reshape his body.

An American student living in the UK said that Liverpool FC’s support changed him both mentally and physically.

“Liverpool has helped me from the bottom up. I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that Liverpool has given me a sense of purpose.

But all that changed when he began to admire the LFC and in particular one player, striker Fernando Torres.

“When I was growing up I was never the good-looking guy and I was always small for my age. So I had a really big personality to try to make up for that and I was a class clown to deal with these feelings of inadequacy.

The 27-year-old struggled with fears, he said: “My fears go beyond my self-image and the general well-being in my own skin.

“When I was growing up, everyone said I looked like a Tom Cruise double, but I always envied Torres as an athlete and physically.

Rex said, “I think every guy, whether he admits it or not, knows a famous person he wishes looked like that and looked up to.

“That’s how he motivated me, hoping to be as talented and handsome as he was.”

This motivation caused Rex to change physically and mentally.

He said: “I despised the gym and the gym-goers because I thought it was a futile exercise.

At the beginning of his journey, Rex was 1.20 m tall and weighed almost 44 kilograms.

After about three months of consistent training, Rex gained muscle, weighed 60 kg and has since hovered around 65 kg.

However, Rex was determined to change and created a training routine with the goal of becoming stronger.

He said: “I feel much better when I am in my own skin and take moments to enjoy the progress.

While Rex still considers himself a ‘work in progress’, he said that he has gained in self-confidence, which has reduced some of his fears.


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