Liverpool wants to complete the long-awaited 50 million pounds sterling in the international break.


The original plan was for the Reds to move from the legendary Melwood base in July, with the last season being the last campaign in the place that has been their home since the 1950s.

Liverpool planned the international break in November as the time to move to their new training facility in Kirkby.

Liverpool are preparing to move into their new home in Kirkby next month after leaving Melwood.

Contractors McLaughlin and Harvey ceased work in late March as a result of COVID-19, but sent smaller workforces to the base in May when government guidelines declared it safe to do so.

However, construction work on the new £50 million site was halted shortly after the suspension of football earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As a result, the move was at Klopp’s discretion once the work was completed, and it is anticipated that next month will be marked for the move.

McLaughlin and Harvey consulted with the Construction Leadership Council and outlined a safe working method, which was then communicated to subcontractors on construction sites around the country.

Liverpool was in no hurry to leave their current location after the agreement with Torus Housing Trust, who bought Melwood last year for £10 million, gave them a 12 month grace period to remain on their current site.

Klopp has always sought to unite the first team with the club’s age groups, and Liverpool’s owner Fenway Sports Group supported their manager by starting work next to their academy grounds in 2017.

Liverpool has yet to confirm the date, but the ECHO understands that the club’s staff are preparing to move when the players are on international duty from mid-November.

“They have invested their capital in things like the new megastore, the new grandstand, the Kirkby training center, which is absolutely world class, and the team will move in there soon,” former CEO Peter Moore told ECHO earlier this month.

Insiders in Liverpool believe the “world-class” facility will rival any other European football, and the long-awaited move is now only weeks away.

“As much as we love Melwood, it’s probably not what you need in the end. Especially if you want to get players into the first team through your academy.

“With most of the clubs we play against at the highest level, that’s not the case, so we had to do it.

“And the success we’ve had with the academy and the players who come through makes it even more critical. The fact that they were a good 20 minutes away from each other by car was not ideal.

The new base is a 9,200 square meter center that will house both the stars of the first team and the talents of the Academy.

The state-of-the-art facility will include two gyms, a full-size gymnasium, a swimming pool, a hydrotherapy complex and special sports rehabilitation suites for injured players to use when they need to regain their fitness.


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