Liverpool sees Jurgen Klopp’s angry side when the reality of injury hits home.


The heavy metal rock star with the megawatt smile has lit up Anfield over the past five years, taking Liverpool from the Premier League as Trans Trans to arguably the best on the continent during that time.

The caricature of Jurgen Klopp is easy to sketch.

Liverpool sees the angry side of Klopp as the injury reality hits home, writes Paul Gorst in this week’s issue of Blood Red

He even found reasons to be cheerful after Liverpool’s worst defeat in 57 years, according to his Spitting Image personality.

Klopp is comically portrayed as someone who finds the good in everything that happens to him, from Everton fans throwing bricks through his window to sticks of dynamite exploding in his living room.

The Reds’ manager has obviously been relentlessly committed to the positive, he has even been mocked in the recent rebirth of the satirical puppet theater Spitting Image with his likeness.

“Do you know how many injuries we have from the game? Zero! I’m so really, really proud of the boys.”

“I can’t sleep,” beams an animated spitting image in one scene. “I’m just thinking about all the positive aspects of our unprecedented 2:7 defeat against Aston Villa.

Anyone who has ever been in Klopp’s company will say the same, his friendly personality and warmth are real, but fools don’t suffer and there is a side of him that you don’t want to see too often.

And even though it may be easy to characterize the Liverpool manager as unyielding in the face of setbacks, the reality can be quite different.

So it was no surprise to hear his answer to a question about Mohamed Salah after his recent 2-2 draw with Everton in the Merseyside Derby.

Klopp had dampened his mood by a controversial last-minute VAR call and, more appropriately, the possible injury to Virgil van Dijk at the end of the season.

The “Egyptian King” had just scored his 100th goal for Liverpool in breathtaking style about half an hour earlier, but Klopp had no time to offer his free-kick frontman platitudes.

“I hope you find something in your notes about how often I have said how good Mo Salah and all the other boys are,” Klopp said.

“The numbers are crazy, but not even Mo wants to talk about them now.”

“The goal is sensational, but I’m not in the mood to talk about it now.

Since the linchpin of his defense – a man who celebrated many successes in Van Dijk as the world’s best – has been out of sight, Klopp has only made his problems worse.

Joel Matip’s inability to prove himself as an available central defender in the long term forced Fabinho to continue representing his team-mate alongside Joe Gomez at the back.


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