Liverpool mom turns her house into a Halloween attraction to help the kids celebrate according to the Tier 3 rules.


Katie Griffths, 23, decided to decorate her house in Anfield in the hope that she could put a smile on her children’s faces and raise some money for charity.

A mother from Liverpool has turned her home into a haunted attraction for Halloween, hoping to raise money for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Katie wants to raise money for the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and put a smile on the faces of the children.

“Normally there’s a lady in Norris Green who does this for Alder Hey and she quit this year so I thought instead of them losing all the money they usually make I might as well put all my energy into helping them.

Talking to Echo, Katie said, “I don’t do this every year, I usually have a Halloween party, but this year I couldn’t do anything because I can’t have one now.

Normally the mother of two children gives a Halloween party every year, but because of the coronavirus pandemic she can’t do that, so she decided to take up an idea she remembered from earlier years.

“I have a donation box outside that will be put in the Alder Hey bucket.”

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Katie added, “Some of the props are homemade and I have traveled all over the country to pick them up.

The outside of the house, which is based on St. Domingo Grove, is full of ghosts and ghosts with eerie music playing for the passers-by. The inside, as Katie confirmed, is equally impressive, but due to local restrictions, this is something that people cannot see and take advantage of.

“It was not too much. I bought all the stuff outside this year, but most of the stuff in my house I have been collecting for years. My children love it, they are not afraid at all.

“A lot of people have come and socially distanced themselves. Instead of having a party this year, I’m going to go outside and let all the kids come down and watch it, as long as nobody makes trouble.

Katie’s children are three and five years old, and although the Liverpool City Region has been rated Level 3, she believes that children should still be able to make the most of special occasions.

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She said, “This is important because they don’t understand what’s going on and they are losing too much of their childhood now. I had to do something that the children could see”.


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