Liverpool makes headlines in the evening when Fabinho drops the reference to the contract with the Reds.


Here are your Liverpool evening headlines for Friday, October 30th.

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He underwent surgery in London this week, which was successfully completed. However, Liverpool says it would be unfair to speculate on how long van Dijk will remain on the sidelines, although initial estimates suggest that the 29-year-old may miss most – if not all – of the Premier League campaign.

The central defender suffered the injury two weeks ago when Jordan Pickford jumped out of his goal and stabbed the Dutchman in the knees with scissors, bending them awkwardly. Van Dijk was then removed from the game and has not been in the game since.

Virgil van Dijk had a successful operation on the ACL, but a definite time frame for his recovery has yet to be set in Liverpool.

Substituted central defender Fabinho revealed that the position is becoming more and more natural for him, but also dropped a hint that he would like a new contract.

Liverpool currently have a fit senior defender in Joe Gomez, with Fabinho and Joel Matip also out of action ahead of this weekend’s match against West Ham United.

Despite the injury and lack of time in defence, Fabinho says he is beginning to understand his new position better.

The Brazilian midfielder, who was promoted to midfielder in van Dijk’s half-time break, impressed in van Dijk’s absence, but now has to take a time-out after suffering a hamstring injury in Liverpool’s midweek win over Midtjylland FC.

“It’s become more and more natural,” he told UOL about Sport Witness . “I already have a few games in this position, and some moves are becoming more and more automatic. As for positioning, I’m getting better and better.

“Maybe it’s not my profile or that of Joe Gomez, but we don’t have to be afraid to work hard. Sometimes it’s little things like a second ball, movement on pressure and reaction, things that help the midfielders. That’s something I know I have to improve.

“You notice this communication and leadership especially when [Van Dijk] is not on the field. We have other communicative players, like Jordan Henderson and James Milner, but the coach spoke to the backline and said we need to learn.

Fabinho also gave a hint about a new contract, which is supposedly already in the works. “I have this [season]and two more contract years,” he added. “I intend to complete these three years and see soon if there is an extension or not,” he added. But my focus today is on Liverpool and I’m very happy here.

“Liverpool has grown a lot in the last few years, we have a strong team that has everything to go on like this, and what we achieve with this group has gone down in history. We can do more and more, and I want to be a part of it”.

“I am in a league that is very good to play, very competitive, when you play here you don’t want to leave.

Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has echoed Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp’s comments that five substitutions per game should be allowed in the Premier League this season.


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