Liverpool is hit by wind and rain on weekends.


The latest forecast from the Met office predicts rain in Liverpool for much of the weekend before it should finally clear on Monday.

Liverpool will be hit by downpours, with the weather forecast predicting a very wet weekend.

Rain is predicted for most of the weekend in Liverpool.

There are warnings that it will be particularly windy in the coastal areas.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for many areas in the northwest, as strong winds are expected in addition to rain.

The forecasts warned that there will be “strong gusts” at dawn on Saturday before a rain band moves across the region.

“[It will] become brighter with some stormy showers lasting into the afternoon. Windy, with storms along the coast. Generally milder. Maximum temperature 16 °C in Liverpool. “[The temperature will be] milder.

according to the forecast: “[In the course of the morning,] an intermittent heavy rainfall strip will quickly shift to the east.

They have been set up because two separate Atlantic low pressure systems will move into the northwest of the UK at the weekend, and the remains of the former Hurricane Zeta will probably bring more heavy rain and strong winds on Sunday.

The Met office, which warned everyone to keep their “coats and boots ready, (in) wet and windy weather this weekend,” has issued a series of yellow warnings for rain until Sunday.

The Met Office’s chief meteorologist, Frank Saunders, said: “This week has been quite unsettled, and we will see that this typical autumn weather will continue into the weekend, with heavy rainfall and strong winds, with disruptions and the risk of flooding in some areas.

Heavy rainfall and storms are predicted, with the mountains of North West Wales and Cumbria being the worst affected, with the possibility of more than 100mm of rainfall.

The first weather is expected to continue until just before midnight on Friday, with the possibility of damage to homes and businesses, travel cancellations and power cuts.

Elsewhere in the warning zone – which covers parts of north-west England, Wales, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humber – there could be strong to stormy south-westerly winds with 50-80 mm of precipitation at higher altitudes, while at lower altitudes 25-40 mm could fall.

The warning for Saturday also covers parts of Wales, Northwest England and Yorkshire and Humber.

Another warning, which lasts until Saturday, predicts that heavy rainfall will hit the south, center and west of Scotland throughout the weekend, bringing with it the risk of flooding.

Some hills and mountains, particularly in North West Wales, could receive 80 to 100 mm of rainfall, while elsewhere at higher altitudes 40 to 60 mm of rain could fall.


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