Liverpool City Council wants to feed 20,000 starving children for more than half of the term, after the government refused.


Mayor Joe Anderson announced this morning that his cash-strapped municipal government will provide the vital vouchers for families in the city who will struggle to provide meals for their children during the half-day vacation next week.

Liverpool City Council will step in and provide vouchers for free school meals for the city’s poorest children after the government refused to help.

Mayor Joe Anderson announced that the cash-funded city council will provide meal vouchers after the government refused

The move comes after Conservatives in Parliament rejected a Labour Party motion to support footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign to extend meal vouchers for families in difficulty.

This means that the Council will provide 20,000 children with the vouchers during the half-time break.

The Council joins Liverpool FC and a number of generous local businesses that have offered help, food parcels and meals to the thousands of families who have difficulty putting food on the table.

Now that the city is under Level 3 lockdown and a lower government vacation is in effect, thousands more families are struggling to make ends meet and many fear how they will cope next week without free school meals.

he said: “We have all seen Marcus Rashford’s campaign and I and my colleagues were all very concerned that children in this city will starve.

Announcing at the City Council Cabinet meeting this morning, Mayor Anderson held up a copy of today’s Liverpool Echo and our report, which showed that in some areas of Liverpool, two out of every three children currently live on land.

“As you can read in ECHO, in some parts of Liverpool, 70% of children currently live in poverty.

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“That is why I am announcing today that the City Council will stand by these children and expand our own voucher system to ensure that 20,000 children get the food they desperately need over the holidays.

He added: “Hopefully this will make things a little easier for the families who are trying to put food on the table for their children in Liverpool”.

“Times are hard for this council and we have been hit hard, but we will never lose sight of how hard things are for the people who want to make ends meet in this city and I am proud to announce this support today”.


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