Liverpool Captain Jordan Henderson believes that “computer game” Mohamed Salah deserves “a little more”.


Salah scored his 100th goal for Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park earlier this month, reaching his century when he had just celebrated his 159th birthday.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson believes Mohamed Salah is a better player today than he was in his debut season, with 44 goals and more credit for his “computer game” scores.

Mohamed Salah scored his 100th goal for Liverpool in just 159 appearances earlier this month.

“Under any other circumstances, Mo’s goal would have been doused that day because of his genius and quality,” Henderson wrote.

The Liverpool captain spoke in his program notes ahead of the Reds’ Champions League clash with Midtjylland FC on Tuesday night about Salah’s incredible influence since his arrival at Anfield in the summer of 2017.

The Egyptian’s instinctive volley seemed to give Jurgen Klopp’s men a valuable victory over their rivals, but according to Henderson, the controversial nature of the game meant that Salah’s performance was somewhat lost.

“I read that Mo reached this milestone in the third fastest time in LFC history. The other two players from Liverpool who were a century faster are Roger Hunt and Jack Parkinson – and we’ve known each other for quite a long time. That only underlines the enormity of his contribution.

“Considering it was his 100th goal for Liverpool, it should have dominated the headlines.

“Mo’s numbers are breathtaking. He reached his century in only 159 appearances – that’s computer game stuff!

“I shouldn’t be surprised, but it underlines once again how blessed we all are to work with him or be a supporter of this club when he is here with us.

“I don’t believe for a minute that Mo is taken for granted; he is not supported 100% by anyone connected with our club, at least not 100%. But I think the level of his performance perhaps deserves a little more recognition in the game.

“Perhaps the numbers he scored in his first season with us – 40 plus goals – mean that everything else since then has been measured by an unfair and unrealistic standard.

Henderson went on to explain how he believes Salah is still measured in the eyes of some by the astonishing 44 goals he scored in his first season at Anfield, saying he is a better player now.

“As someone who has the privilege of playing alongside him, I can tell you that I think he is so much better now than he was in that first season. I also believe that his contribution is more important now than in this first season. As amazing as he was, he just got better and better.

“It feels – rightly or wrongly – that Mo is only really praised when he scores goals and that for me so much of the comprehensive contribution he makes is missing.

“When you look at how we have developed as a team since 2017/18, Mo’s contribution to this has been greater than any other. He works so hard for the team. He sacrifices for the team. We all benefit from this on the field.

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